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Through its sponsorship of Handicap International projects worldwide, the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) provides support to many children and their families. If you would also like to help:

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Information for Donors

How do I apply to be a donor?


Contacting us by telephone

Those interested can get in touch with us by calling
030-301 88 83.

Before calling, please read through the information on this homepage carefully

The above telephone number is only used for scheduling appointments

This telephone number will connect you directly to our laboratory.
Our laboratory staff are unable to
answer questions in addition to their work in progress; the answers to FAQs can be found on the following pages.


  • Appointment for trial donation
    You will first be provided with an appointment for trial donation. Based on this donation, we will evaluate whether you meet the basic criteria for a sperm donor. This evaluation is subject to extremely high quality criteria. Therefore, rejection is no grounds for assuming reduced fertility.

  • Questionnaire
    At this initial contact, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. The contents of this questionnaire include questions about your own illnesses, diseases in your family and your lifestyle.

  • Checking the trial donation, physical examination
    If the trial donation is suitable, this will be followed by blood samples being taken to rule out infections. If these results are also all right, a contract can be signed.

  • Contract
    The sperm donor contract specifies the sperm donor's legal position and regulates the sperm donation process, physical examinations and payment.

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