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Through its sponsorship of Handicap International projects worldwide, the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) provides support to many children and their families. If you would also like to help:

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Information for Donors

Fees for Sperm donors:
After the contract has been signed, the regular donations (for fee/"reimbursement of expenses") can begin.

The donor will receive reimbursement of 105.00 Euros for each sperm sample of adequate quality. However, this amount will be transferred in 2 instalments, At the end of the month, 35.00 Euros will first be paid for each sample from the previous period. If the follow-up testing after 6 months shows that there is still no infectious disease, the remaining amount of 70.00 Euros will be paid out.

This staggered payment ensures that
a) the donor will come back again and
b) the donor will continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

However, if the follow-up testing reveals a new infection, the remainder of the money will not be paid for any of the samples not usable from quarantine storage.

If the donor decides to end the donation cycle prematurely without permitting further samples to be used by giving another blood sample, the donor will lose the right to receive the remaining unpaid amount. The donor is obligated to inform the sperm bank in case of serious or previously unknown chronic diseases being suffered either by the donor or his family.

After the contract has been signed the donor will be given a (discreet) 'donor pass', which he must bring with him each time he makes a donation. This donor pass makes it possible on the one hand to identify each donor with certainty, while on the other hand minimising the risk of the sperm from this donor continuing to be used if he dies, for example, due to an accident.


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