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Save our migratory birds!
The Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) supports a storks-project as godfather.
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Through its sponsorship of Handicap International projects worldwide, the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) provides support to many children and their families. If you would also like to help:
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Information for Donors

Requirements for Applicants

The following requirements apply for candidates wishing to apply to be a new donor at the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) (excerpt):
  • The candidate should be healthy, not taking any long term medications and not suffering from any hereditary condition. The candidate must also have no family history of diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy or mental illnesses.

  • Age: minimum 20 years, maximum 38 years.

  • Candidates are expected to donate regularly, roughly every 14 days for at least one year.

  • We give preference to candidates living or working in Berlin in order to ensure that they do not experience excessive travel time associated with their regular visits to the sperm bank.

  • If possible, candidates should provide evidence of their blood group and Rh factor (e.g. a blood donor's card). A recent HIV test is preferable.

  • Men belonging to so-called at-risk groups (drug addicts, men with frequently changing sexual partners, homosexuals) cannot be accepted as candidates due to the danger of infection with a sexually transmitted disease.

  • The candidate may not be an active donor at another sperm bank.

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