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Through its sponsorship of Handicap International projects worldwide, the Berlin Sperm Bank (Berliner Samenbank) provides support to many children and their families. If you would also like to help:

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Patient Information

Prerequisites for Treatment

Donor insemination (or IVF) is a scientifically recognised treatment method for aspiring parents, who wish to receive assistance in conceiving a shared (social) child using donor sperm.

Treatment is performed in accordance with the legal and professional ethics principles in force in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Treatment must be indicated [Arrow see Indication]. The woman to be treated must be fertile, as demonstrated by the appropriate testing.

It is of course expected that the couple enjoys a harmonious relationship and that both partners have a strong desire to have a child.

Mutual decision
The aspiring parents should have discussed the issue of donor sperm for a sufficient amount of time.

Psychosocial counselling sessions appear to be advisable, as do conversations with a family therapist regarding the potential consequences of this type of family planning with regard to the parents' lives and the psychosocial development of the child.

Verification and information
Prior to initiating the treatment, the attending doctor will verify that the prerequisites for treatment have been met by conducting personal conversations with both partners.

The attending doctor is required to provide the couple to be treated with appropriate information regarding the medical, psychosocial and legal aspects, to the extent that she/he is allowed and able to provide such information as a non-lawyer.

Treatment agreement
An official copy of the corresponding treatment agreement will be required as documentary evidence of the firm provision of consent from the couple/married couple.

It is recommended that advice be sought from a lawyer regarding the legal aspects.


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