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Success Rates

Likelihood of Pregnancy

The likelihood of pregnancy for each treatment cycle depends on many factors. The age of the woman, gynaecological findings and quality of gynaecological care are of major significance.

Pregnancy Rate

The pregnancy rate for a couple with no fertility problems of normal reproductive age is, according to the statistics consulted, 13 to 20 % per cycle.

Under optimal conditions, the success rates at various fertility centres can reach similar levels.

For example, the pregnancy statistics from the Praxisklinik für Fertilität (Practice for Fertility) indicate that among the 220 couples who underwent donor insemination in 2006, the average pregnancy rate was 17 % (19 % in women aged 25 to 30 and 12 % for those aged 35 to 40).

The likelihood of pregnancy drops off after the age of 40, regardless of the methods used.

The success rate for test tube fertilisation with donor sperm (donor IVF) is 30 %, which is as high as the success rate associated with the "homologous system".


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